Logoria from Maria Methimaki & Mariza Parasyri on Vimeo.

(Loose torso. Put the burden on others. The coccyx on an imaginary straight to heaven. Just like that. A thread pulls upwards. Just like that. Deep breath. Step slow and steady. Let’s start.)

Point around zero. Classicism and roads to run. Permutation does not know how to count and to fly in the bucket to you prosthetics irritation dripping. You lean right and you miss signs asking for "help". You do not see the road and you look up. Windows are sealed and the ghosts entered in the basements.

Spell. «I(e-go). If someone will save you, it’s I».

Left is curled up on the floors a former king. Give him your hand. "I command you" "Take off your headphones" "Take off your headphones" "Take off your headphones". Go get his hand to be the rulers of the city. In a small square you reach and I bathe behind a little mom borrowed one of the lonely passersby. A cigarette on the road and three thousand superficial subtitles marching. I put your clothes on and I take out my gall. "Look what you are going to wear if at once you swallow a herd of oxen."

Listen. The person in front asks for justice. Listen. The person next to you is asking for a stone to sink with her in the well. Listen. The city. The pulses. The breaths. Loose consciousnesses. Listen. On the left is not a showcase cops or shoes. One raid on the look of a passer is.

And now run. Run. Money. Run. In a corner money. A machine vomits money. A taxi asks for money. For some smell they want money. Falling from the sky money. In front slope.

ONE TWO ONE TWO. A stick I’ll become for holding you

ONE TWO ONE TWO. A poke in the back. Errors in the back. The untold and unforgivable in the back. In the chest passions.

Hanging from your chin anxieties.

ONE TWO ONE TWO. A stick I’ll become for holding you a vein in the thigh.

ONE TWO ONE TWO. And your heels step on a supposedly forgotten love.

ONE TWO ONE TWO. On top awaits you an illusion.


Right are cars my eyes and a dog that eats your neck. Horns are your words. Your attacks, your contrasts your exhortations your promises. banging horns on me. Wheels on your feet and a bleeding kitten.

The grocer is shouting. "Subjection" 'Repent'

ONE TWO ONE TWO. Right again. "I sell land". Fight for a bite.

Left. "I sell land". Get in line. "I sell land".

ONE TWO ONE TWO. (Banish all negative thoughts...Just like that.)

ONE TWO ONE TWO. I became a voice and I am following you.

ONE TWO ONE TWO. Look above. I am being at the zenith